Nissan Breaks Longest Twin Vehicle Drifting Record in Dubai

Nissan 370Z

Nissan has set an impressive new record in the world of competitive driving during the Nissan 370Z DriftExperience promotion in Dubai. Two Nissan Z cars drifted around the same track at the same time without stopping for an astonishing 17.72 miles, earning Nissan the world’s longest twin vehicle drifting record.

The third time’s the charm for the Nissan Middle East branch that was behind the performance, which now holds the Guinness World Record for twin vehicle drifting after two failed attempts to break the previous all-time score.

The Nissan 370Z DriftExperience program offered driving enthusiasts the opportunity “to learn and perfect the art of drifting,” according to the World Record Academy. Drifting enthusiasts present for the program must have been ecstatic to witness the Nissan Z twin-drifting feat first-hand.

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Russians Break Record for Driving on Ice

If you want to set out to break the world record for the fastest speed driven on ice, which car do you pick to do it? That’s right! The Nissan GT-R!

Russian race car driver Roman Rusinov set out with Russian auto journalist Andrey Leontjev to attempt to break the world record for the ice-speed record which was set by Juha Kankkunen in a Bentley Supersports Convertible at 205.48 mph.

While the Russians only reached 294.8 kilometers/hour (182.8 mph), they set a new Russian record for the fastest speed reached on ice. In case you were wondering, the ice they were racing on was estimated to be 1.4 meters thick.

Check out the video below to see their adventure!