Traveling for Thanksgiving: What You Need to Know

traveling for Thanksgiving

Traveling is a major part of Thanksgiving for many families, which means busy roadways and a lot more stress than what you’re typically used to behind the wheel. To rise above the rabble on the way to grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving, keep the following tips in mind.

Have a plan

Know your route in advance, including toll booths and congested areas. Avoid high-traffic days and times (such as the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving). Don’t forget to check the weather ahead of time as well and leave yourself plenty of extra time if conditions don’t seem agreeable.

Be smart about packing

You don’t need all those extra pairs of socks. Be ready with a checklist, but don’t overdo it; the less you pack, the less there is to keep track of on your trip.

Prepare your car

Have your car checked out and catch up on any routine maintenance before hitting the road. Fall is one of the most crucial times of year to have your vehicle serviced, so make sure all your fluids are filled, tires are properly inflated, and everything under the hood is in working order.

Keep your passengers entertained

Stave off the “are we there yet” questions by providing snacks, handheld gaming consoles, chargers for mobile devices, fun music playlists, and books. An occupied backseat is a happy backseat.

Have an emergency kit

It’s good to have two kits on hand: a first-aid kit for your family, and an emergency kit for your vehicle with items such as a flashlight and jumper cables. Having these crucial kits will come in clutch if you have an emergency in transit.

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How To: Travel with your Pet

If you follow Bates Nissan at all, you’ve seen that recently we’ve had a few pet adoptions at the dealership; well today we’re here to bring you the safest ways to travel with your pet.

  1. Put together a travel kit. This is simple, yet many people don’t think about it. Make sure to include a portable water bowl and a few toys or a bed. If you’re traveling out of state, it might also be a good idea to bring your pet’s vet records, just in case.
  2. traveling with your dogRestrain your pet. You wear a seatbelt, why shouldn’t your pet? In the case of an accident, you want your pet to be properly protected and there are many options for this. You can find in many places harnesses which come with an attachment that can be used just like your seatbelt. Your pet should be able to move comfortably though. However, you don’t want to allow your pet to sit in your lap while you’re driving. If you were in an accident, your pet could be seriously injured or even killed if hit by the airbag, so make sure to keep them in the backseat for their own safety.
  3. Keep your pet safely entertained. Did you know it’s actually bad for your pet’s health to stick their head out your window for extended periods of time? It can cause inner-ear damage and lung infections so it’s best to keep them inside as much as possible. Bringing small treats, bones or toys should keep them entertained while you are driving.
  4. Prepare your pet for the trip. Many people think that medicating their pet would be the best way to do this, however you don’t want to unless your vet says it’s okay. Take their favorite blanket or toy, anything they’re familiar with that can comfort them. Also try giving them a deep tissue massage before starting the trip using lavender oil. To avoid motion sickness, try to feed them three to four hours before the start of your travels and avoid feeding them while you’re in the car. Stick to water only while moving.
  5. Prepare to stop often. Your pet is, most likely, smaller than you which means their bladder is too. Always make sure your pet is on a leash when exiting your vehicle and make sure their tags are up to date. The last thing you want is for your pet to get lost while you’re at a rest stop.

Remember when traveling with pets, you’ll have to do some investigating before hitting the road on whether or not certain hotels allow pets. Here’s a simple site which allows you to search by city to find places that will allow your furry friend. Also remember to never leave your pet in your car for more than a few minutes because your car can get very hot very fast and this is not good for them.

Think we forgot something? Let us know below in the comments section. Happy travels!