Nissan Named as a Best Global Green Brand for 2013

When Interbrand’s third annual Best Global Green Brands report for 2013 came out, many people were surprised by the top companies, which included Nissan. Nissan Named a Top Global Green Brand for 2013

Moving up 16 places, Nissan is one of the leaders for their zero emissions, 100% electric LEAF. They were also named the “top riser” after moving up 16 places from the 2012 rankings. Alexander Murry, Strategy Director for Interbrand, said he believes Japanese car makers are setting a higher bar for the industry, with four of the top five places going to automotive brands.

The rankings are determined by comparing the performance of a company’s environmental practices to the perception of the general public, and the Leaf “drives perception” towards Nissan doing their part in helping the environment.

Selling over 65,000 Nissan LEAFs in May 2013 made Nissan’s 100% electric car the best-selling EV in history and this recognition is just another step in the right direction towards Nissan’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact.

The top ten on the list included Toyota, Ford, Honda, Panasonic, Nissan, Johnson and Johnson, Volkswagen, Danone, Nokia, and Dell. For a full list with all the brands, check out Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands for 2013.