Things to Always Keep in Your Car

Nissan Maxima Interior

Nissan Maxima – What do you keep in your car?

You never know when an emergency situation can hit, and if you’re on the road when it happens, you want to be prepared. Here are some things to always keep in your car.

  1. Siphon pump – This is helpful for when you run out of gas and a kind passerby can offer you some from their tank.
  2. Gas can – This is always handy in case there isn’t someone there to offer you their gas. Make sure you don’t keep it full, because an accident can cause a big explosion. Have it handy in case you have to walk to a gas station to fill it.
  3. Bottled water – You never know when you’ll need it most, or if you’ll get stuck without some for a while.
  4. Cash – Always have cash on you for emergencies that don’t take credit cards.
  5. Jumper cables – Batteries die, unfortunately, and you want to have a way to jump them if they do.
  6. Duct tape – When you have an accident, duct tape can be there to save you. You can save money from towing costs if you can just duct tape your side mirror or grille back on for the drive to the repair shop.