Thanksgiving Recipe Twists: New Takes on Old Dishes

Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by fall border

Thanksgiving is all about food. That is exactly why we’ve written a post about classic dishes, as well as new takes on these traditional recipes. While turkey, cranberries, and beans are featured at a number of dinner tables around the country, there are some easy ways to mix things up this holiday season. Here are just some of many Thanksgiving recipe twists you can use to add variety to your table.

According to Country Living, the turkey is the iconic feature of nearly every meal on this holiday. Though fairly straightforward, if not time consuming, the turkey is an easy crowd pleaser. However, there are some easy ways to mix things up without putting off conservative—or shall we say picky?—eaters. To begin, try brining the turkey the night before to add some flavor and to preserve the juices. If you’re thinking about garnishes, don’t add anything that wilts easily. Try bay leaves, figs, and kumquats, as well as citrus leaves.

Next, move from the glob of cranberry mush to the real thing. Fresh cranberries are bitter, sweet, and truly complex. Adding some spices like star anise, allspice, and fresh orange juice can really make the flavor pop. Mixing in other berries may also be a treat for those who have a sweet tooth; in fact, the original settlers had an entire spread of berries for the first Thanksgiving.

Finally, get some green beans—fresh ones. Though green bean casserole is a staple for many, try substituting some fresh cut green beans with butter and candied bacon. This sweet-and-savory combo is the perfect addition to the table, especially for those who love complex flavors. Plus, bacon makes everything tastier, right?

Like we said before, these are just a few of the many ways you can mix up your Thanksgiving dinner.  So whether you stick with tradition or use some Thanksgiving recipe twists, be sure to enjoy the holiday with family and friends and be thankful for the great food!