Lesser-Known Car Facts: the Bizarre Truth of the Auto

For over one hundred years, cars have been revolutionizing the world, helping us stay connected and travel the globe. See what makes automobiles so special.

According to AutoNet, there are over one billion cars in the world. That means roughly one in seven people have a car. In the US, around 250 million people own a car that is registered, which means that more than seventy-percent of Americans have a car.Lesser known car facts

Cars have more than 30,000 parts total. This number includes bolts, nuts, and screws, but it’s still an impressive network of moving and stationary parts. One of the most complex parts is the transmission, which has roughly 1,000 individual components.

In Utah and some other states, birds and other animals have the right away. That means if a bird decides to sit in the road, you have to wait until they move before you may proceed.

A Long Island resident broke the record for car mileage, racking up over 3 million miles. He did it all in his trusty 1966 Volvo P1800 over the course of 47 years.

The first car radio was marketed in 1930 by the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. One of the first models, a Motorola 5T71, went for around $130 (nearly $1,740 today). It was a basic radio and speaker, and often broke.

Finally, the most expensive sale price for a car at auction was $29.6 million for a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196. This classic racing model was purchased by Formula 1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio.