Inspire Yourself With a Trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, TX

If you find yourself in our area, that means you’re just a short drive away from Waco, Texas – where you’ll find the brand new Magnolia Market, operated by the hosts of HGTV’s Fixer Uppers.

Magnolia Market at the Silos is home to tons of shops, food trucks, and various activities, ideal for a personal stroll or a family event. If you’re looking to shop or if you’re looking to relax, the Magnolia Market is for you.By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

The Market is mostly focused on home design, with the goal of making you excited about your home. You are sure to find something in one of the market’s many shops that will inspire you.

And in between shops or for your little ones, Magnolia Market is home to a huge lawn with a long list of games for families and friends, such as cornhole, football, and potato sack races.

Lastly, if you’re stopping by, don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen!

Glow-in-the-Dark Nissan Juke Used as Art

Easter Egg Art

Easter Egg Art

The Nissan Juke is spunky and creative—we all know that. But did you know that its unique look can inspire other art? A glow-in-the-dark Nissan Juke was used as art recently in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne’s White Night celebrations are a dusk-until-dawn celebration of the culture and creativity in the city. Local artists participate and everyone can marvel at the expression of art, music, and writing.

This year, local Melbourne artists Snake Hole and Chris Le accepted the challenge to re-imagine the Nissan JUKE. Nissan helped by providing two Nissan JUKEs wrapped in a special glow-in-the-dark skin, then gave them black paint and pens. The artists used these to demonstrate simple and raw talent, drawing all over the Nissan JUKE to make it pop. Onlookers could both watch or join by using a smartphone light to draw on the canvas skin.

“Our initial impression when we saw the JUKE was it had snake-like characteristics. The grill, headlights and long smooth lines resonated immediately with us,” said artist Snake Hole.

There you have it: the Nissan JUKE isn’t only a car, it’s a work of art.

Things to Always Keep in Your Car

Nissan Maxima Interior

Nissan Maxima – What do you keep in your car?

You never know when an emergency situation can hit, and if you’re on the road when it happens, you want to be prepared. Here are some things to always keep in your car.

  1. Siphon pump – This is helpful for when you run out of gas and a kind passerby can offer you some from their tank.
  2. Gas can – This is always handy in case there isn’t someone there to offer you their gas. Make sure you don’t keep it full, because an accident can cause a big explosion. Have it handy in case you have to walk to a gas station to fill it.
  3. Bottled water – You never know when you’ll need it most, or if you’ll get stuck without some for a while.
  4. Cash – Always have cash on you for emergencies that don’t take credit cards.
  5. Jumper cables – Batteries die, unfortunately, and you want to have a way to jump them if they do.
  6. Duct tape – When you have an accident, duct tape can be there to save you. You can save money from towing costs if you can just duct tape your side mirror or grille back on for the drive to the repair shop.

Nissan Rogue Warrior Tackles the Snowpocalypse


Last year, the Juke Nismo RSnow swapped its wheels for tracks and took on arctic challenges in Lapland, Finland. This year, the Nissan Rogue Warrior is doing something similar, except this time a little closer to home, in Canada.  Here at Bates Nissan, we understand that we are not as affected by the winter season as much of the rest of the country.  That doesn’t mean we don’t think this snow machine is super fierce!

A Quebecois company called Motorsports in Action fitted the Rogue with a Dominator track system to allow it to tackle the snowpocalypse. To make the system work, the group increased the ground clearance, adjusted the suspension, and widened the fenders, but few other changes were needed. According to Nissan, the powertrain was unchanged, and the Rogue Warrior could climb a 45-degree incline and reach 62 miles per hour.

The vehicle is shown off in a new video, in which it tows several people up a ski slope, and—why the heck not—heads back down with them. Going down a ski slope in a crossover equipped with Dominator tracks? There’s no way that’s not going on our bucket list at Bates Nissan.

2016 Nissan Altima Earns Top Safety Pick Plus Award

Nissan Altima Safety

The 2016 Nissan Altima has joined the other vehicles in our lineup that have earned a Top Safety Pick + award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), including the Maxima and Murano.

The Altima scored “Good”—the highest possible rating—in all five of the IIHS’s crashworthiness categories: small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, seats and head restraints, and roof strength.

These ratings are good enough to cinch the Top Safety Pick recognition—also achieved by the Rogue and Sentra in our lineup—but the Altima scored that extra “+” at the end by earning a “Superior” rating for front crash prevention when equipped with the optional Forward Emergency Braking, giving it the Top Safety Pick Plus award.

When a front collision is imminent, the system alerts the driver; if the driver fails to respond, the system can even apply the brakes to mitigate or entirely avoid the crash. This is just one of the many safety features available on the 2016 Nissan Altima. Explore them all at Bates Nissan!

Increase Your Fuel Economy with These Easy Efficiency Tips

Fuel Efficiency Tips

Whether you’re trying to save the planet or just a couple bucks at the pump, increasing your fuel efficiency is always a good idea. From under the hood to behind the wheel, there are plenty of ways to make your ride more efficient; here’s our quick list of easy efficiency tips to help you get where you’re going for less:

  • Make sure you’re at the proper tire pressure. Adjusting your tire pressure to the correct PSI once a month can up your efficiency up to 3%.
  • If you notice any issues with your vehicle, fix them ASAP. Getting a tune-up to right those little problems can give improve your efficiency up to 4%. If you’re experiencing a serious issue, fixing it can save you a whopping 40% in terms of gas mileage.
  • Hard braking and extreme acceleration can destroy your efficiency. Drive slow and smart and you’ll get about 33% further on the freeway.
  • Similarly, use your cruise control on the highway when possible. Keeping your car at a steady pace will save you fuel.
  • This might be the easiest of our easy efficiency tips: if you don’t need something in your car, lose it. Extra weight takes a surprising toll on your fuel efficiency. Minimize what you’re carrying and maximize your fuel economy.

Contact us at Bates Nissan if you are looking for more ways to save on fuel, such as checking out a fuel efficient Nissan Sentra!

Nissan Takes Home 4 IIHS Top Safety Ratings

2016 Nissan Maxima

It’s safety sweeps season for the auto industry, and Nissan is cleaning up nicely!

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is one of the foremost rating organizations in America. When it comes to safety, their word is law. Luckily for Nissan (and Nissan drivers), four Nissan models have received IIHS Top Safety ratings.

The Top Safety Pick+ is the highest honor of all the IIHS Top Safety ratings, and two Nissans took this title home: the 2016 Nissan Maxima and the 2016 Nissan Murano. These sedans are going to be big deals next year!

Just below Top Safety Pick+ is the Top Safety Pick. Two more Nissans scored this award: the 2016 Nissan Rogue SUV and the 2016 Nissan Sentra.

To earn a Top Safety Pick rating, a vehicle must score “Good” or better in all five of the IIHS’s crashworthiness categories. To earn that ultimate plus-sign, a vehicle must also earn an “Advanced” or “Superior” rating for front crash prevention.

Congratulations, Nissan!

Lesser-Known Car Facts: the Bizarre Truth of the Auto

For over one hundred years, cars have been revolutionizing the world, helping us stay connected and travel the globe. See what makes automobiles so special.

According to AutoNet, there are over one billion cars in the world. That means roughly one in seven people have a car. In the US, around 250 million people own a car that is registered, which means that more than seventy-percent of Americans have a car.Lesser known car facts

Cars have more than 30,000 parts total. This number includes bolts, nuts, and screws, but it’s still an impressive network of moving and stationary parts. One of the most complex parts is the transmission, which has roughly 1,000 individual components.

In Utah and some other states, birds and other animals have the right away. That means if a bird decides to sit in the road, you have to wait until they move before you may proceed.

A Long Island resident broke the record for car mileage, racking up over 3 million miles. He did it all in his trusty 1966 Volvo P1800 over the course of 47 years.

The first car radio was marketed in 1930 by the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. One of the first models, a Motorola 5T71, went for around $130 (nearly $1,740 today). It was a basic radio and speaker, and often broke.

Finally, the most expensive sale price for a car at auction was $29.6 million for a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196. This classic racing model was purchased by Formula 1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio.

Nissan Donates Electric Vehicles for COP21 Climate Change Summit

Nissan LEAF

Nissan is helping to eliminate pollution and cut dependence on oil by providing an all-electric vehicle shuttle service for the COP21 (Conference of Parties) Climate Change Summit. Recognizing the importance of alternative energy designs, Nissan has become a leader in green technologies.

According to Nissan, 200 Renault-Nissan employees were specially trained for the event in Paris. These workers will man around two hundred vehicles, a fleet composed of the Nissan LEAF, the Renault ZOE, and the Nissan e-NV200. These will help conference attendees get around the city in a flash.

“Helping negotiators get to their meetings, riding in quiet and smooth EVs that can be 100 percent recharged with renewable and extremely low-carbon electricity, sends a powerful message about our corporate commitment to the environment – and about our employees’ desire to be part of the solution to climate change,” said Marie-Francoise Damesin, Renault-Nissan’s global head of human resources.

The COP21 Climate Change Summit is the 21st annual conference addressing the need for more research on climate change, as well as action. Nissan is one of a handful of global automakers seeking to redefine mobility by incorporating the latest alternative energy designs.

How to Prevent Car Rust

How to Prevent Car Rust

With winter coming up, your car’s odds of getting rusty go way up thanks to the chemicals and moisture all over the place. Follow these tips on how to prevent car rust to keep your beauty in tip top shape.

One of the best things you can do is to keep your car clean. Washing might seem like a miserable thing to do in the winter, but hosing off the salt and chemicals will help a lot, and you can always take it through a car wash so you don’t have to get out.

If you’re surrounded by salt, either from nearby oceans or salted roads, you can spray the underside of your car with a car-safe lubricant or special rust coating to keep the ice from sticking. Salt makes metal rust faster, so clean it off!

Obviously the ideal is to park your car in a garage and away from wet parking lots, but if this isn’t possible, go the extra mile and get a cover for your car and, again, hang onto that rust coating spray. Remember, if you do get rust, it spreads like wildfire, so remove it as quickly as possible!  Contact our service department if you have any more questions about preventing or removing rust from your vehicle.