Should You Top Off Your Gas Tank When Pumping Gas?

pumping gas

When pumping gas, you shouldn’t top off your tank. But why?

Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s a good idea to add a couple pumps of gas to your tank after the click of the nozzle lets you know the tank is full. Everyone has probably asked this question at one time or another, even us here at Bates Nissan: Should you top off your gas tank?

In a word, no.

What could be so bad about making sure the tank is as full as it could possibly be or rounding up to the next dollar?

Actually there are a couple solid reasons you might want to consider the next time you’re tempted to make “34.86 an even $35 spent on gas.

  1. You are wasting money. We understand it may seem counter-intuitive to simply trust your car is telling you the truth and the gas tank is truly full. However, just like we trust the car to take us safely to the gas station, we can trust it on this point as well. If you add gas after the telltale click, it could actually be getting funneled back into the station’s supply.
  2. Gasoline expands. Yes, you are able to add a few squirts of gas after your car says the tank is full; however, you are taking away space in the tank which allows the gas to naturally expand. It can be harmful to your vehicle if the gaseous vapors are forced to escape to another part of the car.
  3. The fumes are toxic. Just like over-filling the gas in your tank can cause it to leak into other parts of your car, it can also evaporate into the air, a highly flammable and cancer-causing hazard.

If you like to top off your tank, we’re not here to scare you. We just want you to be able to make an informed decision the next time the pump clicks letting you know your tank is full. We recommend you stay safe and save the time and money.

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