5 Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle

Used vehicle

When shopping around for the perfect vehicle, all potential buyers must decide whether to buy new or used. There are benefits that come with each, but oftentimes buying used can widen your options and provide what you need at a more affordable price. Here are five benefits of buying a used vehicle.

  • Price & Affordability: Used vehicles typically have lower price tags than new vehicles, making them more affordable to buyers. In addition, new vehicles can lose up to 40 percent of their initial value in the first two years alone. When you buy used, this depreciation has already occurred.
  • Insurance Costs: If you buy a used vehicle, your insurance rates will be lower than buying new.
  • Wide Variety of Choices: Sometimes, automakers do away with our favorite features. Buying used gives us a wide selection of model years rather than just the current model year and the last. In addition, buying used may put a make or model within your price range that otherwise wouldn’t be if you were buying new.
  • Similar Features as New Models: Oftentimes, recent model years have the same or similar features as the current model year without the steep price of buying new.
  • Used & CPO Warranties: If you buy a used vehicle from a dealership, it will often come with a warranty, so your investment is protected. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles typically come with a new warranty directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the used vehicle’s quality and the dependability of its parts.

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